Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Saturday Out – Movie JBJ

3:00am in the morning, sitting in your balcony and sippin tea doesent get you anywhere…
..Neither does spending two and a half hours over a big can of coke, watching a schizophrenic’s story.

The cacophony of orkut scraps and a million career perspectives wrapped in a thousand considerations add nothing more than confusion to a mind that is too tired to think.

C’mon its Saturday and I can be excused for making that excuse…

Right ! So getting back to where I was…I let all the mind khidri simmering and spent my Saturday doing something absolutely worthless and uncountable. However, I agree that watching a movie is not always a worthless experience and can, only very few times though, be considered good entertainment. Also, it depends a lot on your choice if movies, as there exist both good and bad movies. A good movie makes you feel extremely happy or extremely sad - This in essence means that it stirs some sort of emotions in you. And the bad movies make you feel disgusted and duped, since you did not get value for money. However, there is also a category called the non-qualifiers. This category of movies leave you puzzled.

I’ll be elaborating this further…

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom is a top qualifier to the non-qualifier category. I laughed throughout the movie - not because it was funny but because it was absurd.

The story begins with Amitabh jiggling to the title track with a group of brit crowd at the tube station, where Abhishek and Preity bump into each other to pour out crazy stories about their fiancés and how they fell in love with them.

Amitabh jiggles...

Then they end up doing crazy stuff – hopping up an escalator wrong side, body tattoeing, and spinning more stories. Typical Indian mentality style…oops! Pakistani as well.

Two very unlikely people end up liking each other and take it forward….but so do their stories… Some bit of drama and Amitabh jigling later, obviously, in typical Indian and Pakistani style, it all gets revealed when their spoofs are bombed and they decide to kiss it off.

And then …then what.. Amitabh jiggles at the station yet again.

Puzzled …in’e?

Music can be rated MONOTONOUS ..a single song is played seven times in the movie and every time the same group jiggles to it…AB included.

The only saving grace is the star cast – with mature actors like Abhishek, Preity, Bobby and Lara.. the movie becomes quite tolerable.

All one can do through the movie is – laugh…like the way Boman Irani did in Munna Bhai MBBS J

I recommend a understand non-qualifiers and see how a comic book with pages in mixed order appears on screen.

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