Monday, January 20, 2014

Blogathon Day 20: An ode to Sports

Before I start, let me clarify that I suck at sports. Any kind. The very few times I brushed shoulders with sports are all joke-worthy. So I am going to tell you about all of them.

Primary School, Jack and Jill Race - Gold

This was the first time I was participating in any sporting event other than group PT displays or mandatory class marches. I got a Gold in that race. But you know how? I was playing Jack in the race and I had another partner playing Jill. As per rules of the race, Jack was supposed to pick up the bucket and Jill, a little distance from the starting line, then all three of them were to run together to the finish line. My Jill was extra competitive. She started running even before I reached her.I could barely catch the bucket before the finish line. While all other Jills wanted to care about their Jacks, my Jill was happy going for the Gold. Ofcourse I shared the credit but the bucket was solely mine.

Graduation, College Sports Day, 400 Metres relay - Silver

Before you wow this. Let me clarify that there were 4 runners each running 100 metres. So it was 4*100 metre relay. Due to extremely low turnout on the college sports day, there were no teams to participate in the girls relay. So, we put up three teams from the girls hostel to fill the event. All three won medals. In my defense, we were not last. And no one knows about that fastest girl on our team who took a good enough lead from the last team so that the rest of us could just walk.

Post graduation, Table Tennis - the Bat won

MBA college had a TT table that everyone used for improving their TT skills. When I joined MBA I bought a new TT bat, good quality. I intended to play often. But I hate standing in queues. My second day of practice, I couldn't take the long wait anymore. As I was beginning to leave, a guy asked me if he could borrow my bat. I gave him the bat and left. I never went back again. The bat changed several hands and landed with someone I couldn't track. I'm almost certain it won a championship or two there.

And then there were the times when we played badminton on family picnics. For some reason I always imagined one song playing in the background. "Dhal gaya din.. tuk.. ho gayi sham.. tuk"

Hmm. That's pretty much the story of my friendship with sports. Promise will learn swimming this year. As I have been promising myself for the past 5 years. Blame it on the weather. Grr.. It is never right.


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Your record is good. All I got from sports day is a stainless steel bowl :-D