Saturday, October 24, 2009

Remembering the days that were..

I remember the days when
Summers meant pickles on the rooftops
Winters meant guvava jam bottles all across the floor
Spring meant papad and chips and lilies in my courtyard

I remember the days when
Kite was a sport
Pigeons were pets
Milk was bought from milkmen with cattle not with dairies..

I remember the days when
BlackboardMs were black..
Telephones were black too..
Bi-cycles were lady birds
Kachichi imli and churan were after-school delicacies

I remember the days when
Doordarshan was television
Sundays were Mahabharat and Chandrakanta
Summer vacation was “Chutti-chutti”
And “Mile sur mera tumhara” was a song everyone knew

I remember the days when
My father read out Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs to me at night
We sent paper greetings to everyone on new years
A three-fold Inland letters could carry months of communication between loved ones
2 rupee notes and 10paise and 20 paise coins were still money

I remember the days when
Candies were Poppins, Gems and Kismi toffee bar
Cold drinks were Gold spot, Thumbs –up and Limca
Radio was Aakashvani

I still remember the days when
Means were limited,
Dreams were big,
And change knocking at our doorstep.

I still remember the days when life was simple....


Debarshi said...

The words are fresh,thoughts are pure
Got to read something new after a long tenure
I wish you write a few more
and save your readers from getting bore.

Sriram Agrawal said...

Truly Nostalgic... Something evreyone of us could relate to

Anshika said...

I loooved it swthrt...touched my heart n almost had tears in my eyes for the truth n honesty in it...keep writing!!

Megha Saraf said...

wow i loved this!

ou phrontis said...

iLike :) :)