Sunday, November 14, 2010

Working Hard-LEE !!

We once played this game.. each sentence ending with LEE.. Bruce Lee, Sara Lee, Onlee, Junglee, hardlee.. and on and on. however, as usal.. that is not the subject of this post. . just a teaser (remember "the erection"?)..

Interestingly, the main subject is even more interesting. Its about how hard we work at work. So my question to you.. how many of you think that you are working too hard or your company is taking too much off you??

I see many hands.. and the truth remains .. that yes they are the blood suckers who want to take away the last drop of life we have at our disposal. All companies should make 5 days off and two days working... (from home).

I just did some basic calculation to see exactly how hard we work. And I am sharing the results with you. The calculations are based on the Hard-Lee Working Calculation Model (with due respect and credits to the founder.. which is me ;P)

Interestingly, even if you dont consider the efficiency losses, we only work for 61% (or 75% for the unfortunate souls) of the days we are actually paid for. And if you legitimately adjust for the efficiency losses.. {which i have assumed a very honest figure of approx 1.5 hours per day for people not working on saturdays (that makes approx 1 day loss per week).. and since I am well aware how much peopple work on sacond half of saturday.. I have plus 0.5 loss for them)...we are working for only 46% of the days we are actually paid for!!!

Those that work in PSUs would be happier... since they have a much larger pool of PLs..

Hence my hard working friends, no matter how hard they try to demotivate us... we will still be working hard-Lee!! ;P !


megha said...

we have a Pythagoras in making!

Anshika said...

hahahahah...totally loved the whole working-hard you!! Btw, did you work out this model at work while you were working Hard-Lee...hehehe, LOL!