Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Portfolio Life

I came to office early today. To work. Alas, things don’t always happen the way we plan. So here I am writing this post  and checking jobs on naukri before others walk in and start applying for the same jobs.

In this post I am going to steal the idea of one management thinker and repackage it and sell it back to you. Heard about Charles Handy? .. Go wiki on him and his theories. And you can also google and flipkart him. But I am going to copy him.

So he talks about this theory of Portfolio life. Imagine if you treated the days of your life as coins in your kitty and you needed to spend them on a basket of goodies. Essentially building  a portfolio of things you would like to do each day instead of doing the same thing everything day. Imagine everyone following this theory in their lives.. Oh what fun will it be! And full of funny too!... Let me tell you how..

So imagine our good old Ramu kaka suddenly switches to portfolio life. He wants to be five different things on 5 working days of the week (yes.. atleast in the perfect future, everyone works only 5 days!). So on Monday he is ramu kaka himself when he brings you your morning tea and spills it on your brand new arrow shirt you were planning to impress your lady boss with. Yes ofcourse, not a cool start of the week! Ramu kaka gets some piece of your spotless mind.

On Tuesday, he is Ramesh Pandey, the traffic hawaldar who places himself at the same traffic light that you decide to jump. His revenge shall drill a hole in your shirt!

On Wednesday, tables turn and he is the night guard for your building. Your dog Edward makes sure he doesn’t sleep a wink.

By Thursday, you can imagine how annoyed Rammaiya, the waiter the at idli dosa eatery is. So when you order you favourite sambhar, he doesn’t forget to spit in it. And to top it up, on Friday he skips his turn at the post-office and checks in as the dhobi who will burn your Arrow shirt!

Thankgod the future is far away!

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