Thursday, December 3, 2009

ML Chronicles #2

My next observation in the local trains of Mumbai was that of names. Names of stations.

I would like to again mention that being from northern India, I am used to hearing areas with names that I can comprehend. For eg. In Delhi, we have different residential areas with the suffix "vihar".. such as Mayurvihar, Aanandvihar, Vasantvihar, Saritavihar etc or with "nagar" such as Sarojininagar, Motinagar, Malviyanagar, Lajpatnagar, Sundernagar etc. etc...
Similarly in Lucknow, there are names with "Ganj"...Saharaganj, Hazratganj, Ganeshganj etc..

All these names somehow make sense to me. At least I can infer the meanings of the names.. now if you notice the names of stations in Mumbai -
Or any other name.. Do you know what those mean??

I agree that I am an illiterate in Marathi.. but I swear, I have tried asking locals as well.. even they don't know.. Sometimes I wonder whether these names were given at a time when Mumbai was inhabited by non-marathi Manus.. some foreign colonies, or perhaps some aliens.

Logic prevails and I ask my dear erudite friend google for the answers... and interestingly there are answers:

  • Chinchpoklicha Chintamani, the oldest and most famous Ganapati idol, sits very near to the Chinchpokli station during Ganesh festival, hence the name Chinchpokli
  • The name of Kurla has originated from a name of a small fish "Kurli". This suburb is built on a seawater where earlier these small fishes were found
  • Bandra comes from the hindi word Bandar, meaning Port

There aren't any evidences about the history of the name Dadar.. but the above discoveries make me believe that there could be..I have set the ball rolling, now it upto you to dwell over this, find more meanings to names you know and post them here...


MaNi said...

If ever you goto Chennai.. Please notice the name of the places.. Am sure u will love them.. :D :D :D

amQ. d unQ. d pacifiQ. Busy in deeP thOts said...

very intersting inquisitiveness :)