Thursday, December 3, 2009

ML Chronicles #3

I swear this is the final one on ML... for now atleast!
The most interesting observation is that of wall advertisements on the locals. Although I dnt have such a good memory when it comes to remembering verbatim statements.. but 2 or 3 of them are quite prominent/common, and I will mention them here.

The most common one is this:
"Earn upto 20,000pm.. part time/full time job for girls/boys.. call 9867346790"
All of us have come across this while clinging onto our hancuffs and peeping through smelly shoulders. It always makes me imagine the kind of job that these places offer. Sometimes I have even considered calling them to find out what they have to offer.. afterall 20 grand in recession is not bad.. ;)
My wild imagination makes me think of crazy stuff like escort service, call girls, bar dancers at secret bars, surrogates (I remember this episodeof Lie to Me) etc etc.. imagination has no boundaries, only wings...

There are oher classic ones on growing tall, tiffin service, house on rent at Govandi etc etc.

Somehow, I distinctly remember these coming two classics:

An A4 size notice with big bold alphabets written all over. The heading read "MANCHAAHI SHAADI SPECIALIST".. :p... This was actually a tantrik or something who claimed to give you guarenteed benefit in matters of family fued, property dispute, troubles in your marriage, job search, or enabling your manchaahi shaadi.. i.e. obviating troubles in your wedding with your boyfriend/girlfriend... It was hilarious!!!! How on earth would this tantrik do all that? Will he have a team of gundas to give hul.. (hul as in dhamki.. not former HLL ;p).. or will he run away with the money after giving you some holy ash? Also, I had never before imagined that there could even be specialists in this field also... like oncologist, radiologist, gynocologist etc.. they have machaahi shaadi specialist!!

Another prize winner is this:
Picture a young beautiful lady lydonon her stomach n peeing out of this poster... she is looking at you - bit shy, but happy, but romantic... her hair falling on her shoulders.. she is wearing white coloured plain underpants and vest.. thats it. ANd the poster reads -
"The secret of my.....
What about you?"
A small logo of an undergarments compnay is displayed somewhere..hehe.. so cheesy!!
I am tempted to ask "The secret of my ..what??.. what could she be saying?
  • Beauty (because I look so pretty in them)
  • Happiness (bacause of 1 and 4)
  • shyness (because i am being clicked half naked)
  • Rocking xxx life (because my partner likes me for above 3) :P

Isnt this classic?

I find these very funny.. and interesting.. maybe I will specialise in local trains, or train posters.. what say?


Sriram Agrawal said...

Did u ever wonder and observe so much or so little in DM... bole to Delhi Metro

I recommend a separate new blog for all your chronicles.

Debarshi said...

Nice observations .... and the HUL !!

MaNi said...

Lol.. this is where the PCOM is getting companies for us...

No Offence :D :D :D

Anshul Sachdev said...

There is a circular refrence between point 2 and point 4 (Happiness and rocking xxx life)....we need some more iterations of ML.... :p