Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tabula Rasa

The only place where it is less painful to fall in than come out is love-ville. Thats such a cheesy topic for a blog post that comes after a hundred years.

I just watched an old time favourite “Shall we dance” and thats where the thoughts came from. Well... that and other thoughts.

My life is a tabula rasa (thats a new word I have learnt and I totally love it. Plus its relevant here). All over again. I am not in love. I am not even in school anymore.

Its like the life cycle of a butterfly. Starts with egg, larva, caterpillar, cocoon and then flies out a beautiful colourful two (or is it four?) winged dancing butterfly...

... and then strangely enough.. the circle is closed back at the egg. I always wondered how the butterfly turns into the egg back again. As it turns out.. it graduates from a business school.

So here I am, angel faced cherub who just landed on the corporate planet and taking my shaking first steps all over again. Or am I fakign it?

Lol.. Its like I am trying to convince myself to be a certain way that a “new” guy is supposed to be. Irresponsible, inefficient and essentially a Y-type of personality. I mostly enjoy it. I have been trained for two years and given an additional degree for being that way. But sometimes I don’t. And I think of quitting..

Its strange. When you are doing something for the first time it is understandable to say that you don’t know how you are supposed to behave because you have never done it before. Its true for me also. I have never done a second time before!!

I am mostly talking non-sense and posting it on the web. But that is purely because I am feeling extremely confused and worthless and want to fake (yet again) that I am atleast doing something interesting. Please bare with me.

I’ll be back.

PS: Ever wondered why a butterfly is called a “butter” – fly. I am almost imagining a 500gram Amul butter slab gliding in air.


shounock said...

yeah no wonder you Bared your heart and soul in order to write this blogpost ..

Tarang Shroff said...

u might be faking it in the office..but u cant fake in delivering PJs..."butter"-fly :P

MaNi said...

I wish I could write all I want abt this "faking" thingy.. But I would rather keep quiet :)

Jokes apart.. why did that "quitting" feeling crop into your mind??

taby said...

hmmm....a blog frm 1st day @ D&B? hope its been smooth sailing till now and not "butter-flying"... unless u have been faking it like the next door brag who buys a 2nd hand merc but insists its a new one !!