Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Facebook Vs Phonebook

Social networking is important. Erstwhile, people networked via letters, then came phones and now its the virtual world. The virtual world is new, exciting and offers you an opportunity to be a person of your imagination! The virtual life is perfect, and if not, it can be easily mended. Just yesterday, I got a "frand" request from this person, who made a new orkut profile and mentioned upfront "that this is not my real profile... I am starting a new "virtual life" since I was bored of the last one. I am making new friends, add mee if you want to have some fun"... Makes me wish if our lives were as simple, that we could delete one profile and start a fresh one when things get messy!!

Anywho, coming back to where I started from, phonebooks or rather fonebooks are fast being replaced by facebook... but here is an interesting observation on this..

fonebook = f-one-book

while facebook = f-ace-book

now one = numero uno = ace

Hence, fonebook = facebook !!!! <<>>>

Now this is what you call self explanatory phenomenon.. There is actually no transition.. just translation :D

(PS: If you were wondering when do I think of all crappy stuff.. I must remind you that I am an MBA student and that too in second year )

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taby said...

heyy nice observation abt fonebook=facebook!!

here's one of mine -

orkut = or + kut

now americans hav been known for their bad english, eg. the word OK which originated in america came from - all correct (oll korrekt), so if k = c, then -
orkut = or + cut..

which means, either u join it or just be cut off from people!!

i thot i will jst add to ur trash..makes sense in collecting all the waste in one place rather than spreading it, easier to dipose..working towards a green planet..i wonder if i will earn some carbon credits for it....cheers !!