Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zuk Goes to Work

Boss: Is it done?
Zuk: It not Done.. its Dun-can..Ducan James. He is a boyband Blue’s member and recently admitted being bisexual. But why are you asking about him in the middle of work?

Boss: I don’t remember my desk number... I have weak memory {winks}
Zuk: That’s fine sir... Even I don’t remember mine... coz I don’t have one!! {rolls}

(The fact that Zuk finds it funny while his boss doesn’t makes it all the more funny)

Boss: You have been working on this for a while... what is your deadline?
Zuk: This. {Makes a horizontal line in air with his thumb, right below his chin}

Boss: We have been looking at sources of interest free credit.
Zuk: Ah... once upon a time... free press used to give credit for your good actions without any material interest. Now even they are interested in TRPs!!

Client on phone: I am visiting from Delhi. Can you give me directions to reach your office?
Zuk on phone: Sure. First of all… take a taxi and go to the Delhi domestic airport {silent giggle}

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MaNi said...

:) #3 is the best..