Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bean There.. Done that.

Being 27 means: Hiding ur DOB on fb, not telling people at work, insisting on lighting a single candle to save the ozone layer, avoiding birthday bumps on ur broken back, gulping down 5 cups of coffee to keep urself awake, snuggling in ur bed after work and thinking.. gosh.. am I the oldest living single female?!

Looking at yourself in the mirror and trying hard to count all the fine lines, realizing that after orkut.com, facebok.com, twitter.com.. its time for shaadi.com.

Watching Turning 30 and feeling young again. Feeling tingly that now you can date the George Clooney's of the World.

Turning back at all those years, and somewhere feeling like an adult. Knowing that no one really knows where they are headed. And its ok to be that way. Not running after answers, not trying to fit in, not even into ur old jeans.

27 is about being a woman. Yes, your very own Aunty. And thats Cool :)


Tarang said...

Start using santoor ;P

MaNi said...

Wait for a few months.. will join the league..

megha said...

Thanks for the heads-up ;-)

Hem Jadeja said...

Ha ha .... good one. What can I say been there done that ;-)