Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Talking Stomach

Some people like to talk a lot. Well, I am not one of them. But my stomach makes up for it. It has the guts (literally!) to break into the awkward silence of any room, be it an office, a funeral or a classroom. Ok, this might just be turning into a very gross subject for some of you readers, but well, there is an elephant in the room I am trying to address. And unfortunately that elephant is in my stomach.

Reading from health and wellness posts online, I conclude that many of you must have experienced some sort of growling in your stomach when it raises an alarm that your body needs food. Sometimes these sounds a more like murmurs, sometimes little louder so you can hear it.. or maybe your loved one can hear it, if sitting very close. But mine are more like roars from Jurassic Park. Even the water in the glass begins to shake. And now I am exaggerating. But they are loud enough so that everyone in my modest office of 4 can hear them. Although, I try to type really fast and create camouflaging sounds, I am sure it manages to break through the walls of my stomach and into the ears of those who may or may not understand where that sound is coming from. I eat my words and swallow them with water, but that doesn’t help either. The only thing that helps is sneaking out, snacking in, or snickers.

You know, I suspect that there is some sort of rhythm or secret message hidden in it. It happens at the same time everyday - between 10:30am and 11:30am. It growls, and whines and mews and most definitely says something. Maybe it is saying that my hair is looking very good today. Or maybe that I am a great driver. Maybe it is just blabbering like little babies and expects me to give company.  I don’t know. Maybe it is a song growing in my stomach. They say that good music comes from inside. Hmm. I’ll know someday.

And I ate an elephant for dinner last night. Stomach that!

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