Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lust at first sight

She crossed her legs as she stared at her own reflection on the glass panel at the metro platform. Adjusting her hair she craned her neck to see the metro arriving. The train arrived, and she stepped in. "Al abwabu tuglaq", "the doors are closing". And just then, their eyes met.

His steel grey eyes looked like made from the same glass she was staring at a while ago. A few strands of hair strayed on his forehead from his perfectly gelled mohawk. His lean tall structure stood firm and unperturbed by the moving train. He looked at her straight in the eye, but he wasn't looking. He was thinking.

After a brief pause and a soulful glance, that seemed to melt her in her shoes, he went back to reading on his tablet. Not realizing what he was inflicting upon her. He looked deeply involved, carried away and in control at the same time. His laptop bag snuggled between his legs on the floor.

Despite the dark business suit that covered his frame, she couldn't stop admiring the sculpture it camflagued.  She stood next to him. Close enough to smell the Givenchy perfume he was wearing. She noticed the intricate network of veins on the back of his hand that moved as he swiped screens. She adjusted her dress, and her hair and tried to look out the window. But his presence was just too distracting for her.

Lust at first sight. She thought smiling at herself. And put on her wayfarers.

"Al mahakkal kadima hiya Abrajul Emarat"

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