Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Mid-Career Crisis

A phenomenon that I very recently observed as being very dominant in my life is ..well .. not exactly the midcareer crisis.

In fact the most unique thing about this state of being is that I share it with several youth of my and upbringing. One prominent thing in this is that most youngsters going through a similar mental exercise would typically belong to the above average young overachievers.

The basic problem with us is the stubbornness to demand nothing but the very best of things in life and also the unwillingness to accept the readily avaible mediocre options.

We have all historically been excellent academic genioussess, all rounders, apples of parents and teachers eyes, at the same time popular with friends and great at ideas, have had opinions at everything and anything on earth , and also always had the cheek to get heard.

Ok I am sleepy... can I do this tomorrow?

Lead on my lashes..

Heavy heart
It kills but doesent make you dead

1 comment:

dipti said...

"Heavy heart
It kills but doesent make you dead"

how true, and well put together. i think we are mirror images, just 'tum wahan, hum yahan'..... i can understand so perfectly what you saying here...

there's always tomorrow... you are stubborn right ?! :)