Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blogathon Day 19: Typical conversation between a woman and her hairstylist

I bet 90% of you have the same conversation. Every single time.

Woman walks into the famous hair cutting place where she has taken an appointment days in advance and has been looking forward to breaking the boredom from her mane. She is made to wait for a few minutes before she is given a seat in front of a large mirror. If the staff is pleasant, she is offered coffee. Then walks in the stylist.

Stylist: Hello, I am XY. May I know your name?

Woman: I am AB.

Stylist: Ok. AB. Tell me what you want. What are we doing today?

Woman: I don't know. I want a new look. I am very bored of my current curly hair/frizzy hair/flat hair/straight hair/U hair/V hair etc. etc.

Stylist: (running her fingers through her hair). Ahan. When was your last haircut? Do you want the same cut?

Woman: (Remembering that it was between 4 to 6 months ago).. hmm.. I think 2 months. No, don't do the same one. I want something different this time.

Stylist: I am thinking layers.

Woman: Don't make it very short. I want to keep the same length. And it should be low maintenance. I don't have time.

Stylist: Ok.

Woman: And I want little bit of volume. And something in front.

Stylist: Ahan. Ok. Lets first wash your hair. Please come this side.

Then while washing her hair the stylist will ask what shampoo she uses and weather or not she uses a conditioner everytime. Maybe also how often she oils her hair.

Back at the chair. Snip Snip begins.

Stylist: Have you considered colouring/rebonding/straghtening your hair?

Woman: No no. I tried it once, it spoilt my hair. I lost so much hair since I moved to this town/put certain treatment/changed water/had kids

Snip. snip. And then blow dry.

Stylist: We are almost done here. I will now show you from behind how it looks. Its easy to maintain. Just after you shampoo in the morning, blow dry rolling your brush like this and take in inwards/outwards. When you go to a party, you can try this parting. Or otherwise, just let be naturally like this.

Woman: Looking at her hair in the mirror. Wow. Looks nice. Thanks!

And then she walks out, feeling like a model, with pretty much her old haircut, just refreshed and hyper blow dried.


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Haha kinda true! :) I usually hate my haircut right after it's done and it takes me a few days to get used to it! But for the first time in 27 years, I got a haircut that is different and I liked it instantaneously!! :)