Thursday, September 20, 2007

Potential is unimaginable..

Its amazing how I consistently beat my own expectations of my capabilities each day.

Its just a matter of trying a bit harder –

I think what is important is the willingness to do something
Like I would not expect myself to do anything but crash on my bed after spending good 17 hours in office and having slept not more than four hours each day for the last five days – but no..I get back and get on to my laptop – for two things – my blog and my last crush.

No matter what keeps me busy each day – but come home and his thought inevitably comes with. My sheer temptation of finding out what he is upto pushes me to unimginable limits of stamina and enthu when I spend millions of hours over the net each night just to catch his trail.

It kinda funny as well. But you really can’t always reason out what drives whom.
And my blog is the inherent unaccomplished desire to become popular – of doing something more motivating than the mudane other 17 hours.

It gives me a kick to do this – write something for my blog. Gives me a feeling that I’m getting there – straw by straw – I’m building up my dream – each day, else I feel I just lost another important day without contributing to my purpose – just doing what I’m currently bound to do. Its my desire to live something that drives me to make efforts not otherwise doable for me – mentally and also physically.

My eyes are dropping - wonder if anyone shares the same passion as me.
I wish I had a similar drive for things that could impact me more materially

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dipti said...

there IS your humour newz magazine... please do not relegate it to this undusted shelf... and remember we will remove the 'y' in 'your' :)

as for potential, capabilities and "...else I feel I just lost another important day without contributing to my purpose...". STOP. live for yourself, and for the day... there need not be a grand scheme of things all the time, everytime. relax. chillout. start living ! *muahs*