Monday, September 10, 2007


“I have just a thing in my pocket..
But its not one.. its many”

Life is such an unpredictable combination of events. You can have one million crushes and feel like dying for each one of them each day..and you might have one long cherished dream and won’t hesitate giving it away when its right there in your hands.. for maybe, as little as a day of peace or a glass of water.. or wine maybe.

Music is a great makes you feel crowded in solitude and keeps you private in a crowded place.
It sometimes even helps overcome heat.

As I pour these assorted ramblings, I would confess that a confused mind is akin to a raffle hamper – full of surprises, excitement and lacking any sequence or order…and sometimes reason (for e.g. there is no reason why a sachet of shampoo should be found with a pack of wafers in the hamper. The interesting thing here is that none of these, although random, are redundant. The sachet fulfills its utility of avoiding the embarrassment of borrowing hair wash on a sleepy Monday morning when you suddenly realize shivering under your perpetually leaking cloggy shower that banging your ancient bottle against your palm wont produce anymore heavenly drops of unworldly cleansing agents. Moreover the whole pain of peeping naked through half open doors to call for aid and then having to raise your voice to deafening pitches to ensure that someone heard your call can all be saved …. Thanks to the sachet in your hamper.

And for the pack of wafers..well, tha’ll be the first thing you pick up from the pack and whoof !...that adipose on you just grew richer!!

White and yellow are corporate colours.

The above is crap.

Actually investment bankers feel that yellow ties are cool and poker is professional. They love the word – “professional” I mean. Someone once joked that taking small sips of cold water and wearing yellow ties with light coloured shirts and talking less than frowning is professional..maybe it is.

I banking is many more things as well. Its about about craking big deals and negotiating and getting done with. About fat bonuses and research reports and about outsourcing.

I have a kaleidoscope in my pocket . if you put in one chip..i’ll show you twelve..if you put one thought ..i’ll have twenty.

And it goes on the resume.

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