Sunday, September 9, 2007

I cant give up

If I’m trying to convince myself for being happy, am I being a saint?

I am a very lonely person by virtue of my nature and also by virtue of this I am mostly very unfortunate.

Taking this in an extremely pragmatic manner leads me to believe that every second person on this planet might feel the same way. However, my human heart further questions the heavens for not including me in the other half.

Having seen 23 years of inequality, injustice and irrationality, I am now used to taking in the customary blows with ease and getting back on track pretty quickly.

Nothing in life is fair. But probably that’s where the fun is – more like a gamble – pure gamble no rationality.

A Game Of Chance.

Though I have lost quite a few lately and historically as well, something very adamant inside me pulls together my very battered morale and keeps humming a tune it calls hope.

Maybe I would never win, but as long as there’s hope – I can pretty much manage it.

PS: My stars say Im very stubborn. And I believe its true.

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