Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How do Colours fly?

Ever wondered how they could fly?

They are colours Oh.. my.. my!!

One just flew off my dress..

Where does it go next?

It goes n nests in the flower

Just a second before another color from my dress rushes towards the star!

But the colour that flew next was slow

So I’m worried how far does it go?

A butterfly futters by,

And winks at my colour heading to the sky..

The one on my ribbon just flew to the lakes

And one sprinkled itself on strawberry shakes!

Few colours flew from my pillow

And coloured the birdie singing on the willow

I look up and see,

A thousand colours flying at me!!

They are lovely, wild and free..

And I am flying with them.. Can’t you see?

(Inspired by my recent trim results and inputs from Kshama Singhania)


Sriram Agrawal said...

Nice Composition

but couldnt really connect it to the trim results :)

faraaz said...

I feel colours melt into me
like a heady shot of LSD
(not that I've had it
but it rhymes so I said it)

breath in yellow, breath out red
lying supine on my bed

slowly the warm breath seeps in
warming my cold heart from within
languid gaze, lazee eyes
half truths, full lies

get up
cold water on long face
get back
to the rat race
gotta go, away
I have no say

splash, splatter...pitter patter
big talk go getter
win achieve climb stay
colours colours go away

colour me blue colour me now
cover me with your magic vow
lift me light as a feather
blow me away, then gather

In your arms ... fragrant embrace
..............your face
..............your face
..............your face

red green blue

faraaz said...

.....hey, it's a poem OK.

captures a MOOD. Not directed at anybody in particular!!!!

Sana, a left hander, has a habit of getting stuck over unnecessary details. said...

Grt!! Y r more a poet than me :)
its a lovely composition..

on the second line.. i wud hv put Long iceland Tea !!

Im impressed with this.. now since the bar is raised..i expct u to come up with moe frequent capturing of moods..
cheers!! :)

ou phrontis said...


ou phrontis said...

Senses Underground

The day has dawned bright
And the melody begins to rise,
Up on higher like an arc, as
Pure a crescendo as the light.

So- the music rises in my soul
But haunting me always,
Like the delicate chime in the wind
Or maybe a distant goal.


The mellow aroma of the reds,
The naughty rose teases me,
Softly as a petal brushes
Come on now gently.

The perfume lingers on
A soft reminder, a smile,
And in a secret that endures
Within the petals entwined.

© Dipti Agarwal