Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wrap-up Note

No.. I'm not wrapping up this blog.. but my thoughts on the two day event that brought together too many things to dwell upon..

Thought #1

Firstly, I must confess that im very thrilled with my newly discovered talent of photography. The photography event at Melange helped me discover it. This picture is based on the theme "illusion" and Im totally in love with it. Im so proud of my first professional attempt at photography. I might not win, but I feel like one :).. (u can see a watered down version of my master piece here)

Thought #2

Btw, I also participated in this Junkyard wars type of event yesterday called "Glitter the Litter", Again, I was utterly proud of my engineering skills. I made this ultimate bullock cart from hard-board, empty bottle, straws, matchsticks, some glue and icecream sticks. The main challenge was to get the base structure functional and sturdy.

Tarang and I at the JYW - trying to but not succeeding in looking good :P

By Jove - it was no easy task .... I mean piercing holes through the plastic bottle, cutting out perfect circles for wheels (hand drawn), making the straws sturdy by filling matcksticks in them, and finally passing strings across the holes to make the structure sturdy. I wish I had clicked pictures.. It wasnt an easy task etall... but in the end it came out well.. to the extent that we could impress the judges.
Junkyard wars used to be one of my favourite shows on TV and it truly an experience to get my hands dirty with it. Again a first time.

Thought #3

Next, I organized an event called "Bol Bachan" based on Hindi JAM (Just a minute). We expected a turnout of around 10.. but surprisingly there were nearly 40 registrations - highest number for any event on day 1. And whatta ruckuss we created there.. I mean there were groups of 8 participants speaking at a time and everytime one member commits one of the 7 sins.. the others shouted "Aapatti"!!.. ANd believe me.. there were more aapattis than words in the room in those two hours.. I was a time keeper.. My job was to note down the number of seconds each member speaks and number of times he raises aapatti.. u can imagine - i was on a rapid-fire! .. and honestly I never thought JAMS could be so much fun.. I had always seen the serious type of JAMs .. not the multiple meaning, witty and utterly humourous types as this one :).. and to add spice to it.. no english was allowed in the room .. kripya do kshan bhar hindi bhaasha ka sampurn prayog kar ke dekhiye yeh kitna kathin karya hai.. maine yeh karya do ghanton tak nibhaya..ha ha

Thought #4

A little thought to things I wanted to do but could not do..
1) Movie making - coz I ran out of time with my Hindi JAM clashing with this event
2) Board Game making - I had thought of a winning idea for this.. I was sure to win.. but sadly the event was scrapped due to low registrations..
3) Last Man Standing - This is something I really was keen upon.. but missed the registration deadline..
Never mind.. I have another time to cover these up.. Melange 2010.. here I come!

Thought #5

Well.. things I did without wanting to do them..
Sell - Hell , dunno why i participated.. and got eliminated in the first round itself. I have no interest nor inclination to sell stuff..It was funny how someone like me landed up in the event.. anything for friends i guess..
Sudoku - clashed with Junkyard wars.. sowent into the event took the problem .. then backed out.. coz my heart was stuck back in my junkyard..

Thought #6

It was disappointing to see such a low turnout of my classmates. They have once again proved that they are boring people. I know Im being harsh - maybe they had commitments - but Im sorry, I am disappointed!

Thought #7

I have a BR viva tomorrow and Im in no mood to study. I have just spent 1.5 hours writing this blog and now Im going off to sleep.
Today and yesterday completely dedicated to the spirit of Melange (which btw.. I kinda enjoyed.. except for a few dampners..but that is probably because I always over expect)..

Cheers to SIMSR Melange En Vogue 2009!!

Rest all (including thoughts about them) .. come another day ..

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Apoorva Dixit said...

now i know why they call it "train of thought".. :-)

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