Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ribbons, glitter and stares.. He has arrived!!

I am on my way back from Pune.. its early morning, chilly by the window and I am reading.. “Old man and the sea”.. and right at this time.. he arrives.. he rattles me, and wakes me up.

He is a guy who is very ordinary looking, could pass off unnoticed on most occasions. Has uneven hair on his head, deep eyes and a smirk on his forehead. He is brilliant. He thinks he is smarter than most around him..but never condescending. He possesses an impossible combination of wit and humour. He makes jokes that most don’t understand. He thinks, never of the same things that others think of.He has ideas and theories. He loves words. He loves nature. He likes to go his own pace, his own direction, but is not a loner.

He is not too young for intelligent conversation, neither too old to enjoy a swing. It is he himself who knows him best. And then its me.

He is Zuk. He arrived in my head.

You will read more of him under “Zukisms”.. in the form of short conversational stories.. if and when I can story-tell.. keep watching this space. In the meanwhile… Zukisms is being launched on Adita Kandala’s blog to keep up the unconventional spirit of Zuk and his humour. Read the very first "Zukism" here. Its also a part of a bigger plan. You will figure out if you follow.

Enjoy !!


Tarang Shroff said...

brilliant intro...with the exception of first couple of lines like the hair thing and getting unnoticed..the Zuk more or less seems like the male version of its gr8 female creator :).

MaNi said...

Zuk!!!! Where are u???