Friday, June 4, 2010


They are not green.

If you remember the gulmohar trees on the way to your school, or along that sunny road on summer afternoons, you'll know what I am visualizing.

The pretty red flowers of gulmohar tree that bloom on hot extremely sunny summers are a respite to anyone's eyes. They make a thirsty, sweaty and half blinded traveller believe that shade is around the corner, that its possible to stand calm even in this extreme weather, that there is beauty even in barren pastures.

You must know all this about gulmohar trees. But what you don't know is that gulmohar trees are not an Indian specie of trees. They are from Madagascar. got it right.. from the land of "You like to move it move it!"

Now the unfortunate side of these pretty somethings is that they do not attract the local birds. This is not good news for the birds. Not even for us. We don't want our Indian birds to hang up there in air, just because we like looking at red flowers on trees.

So I am writing this note to spread the awareness, so that next time you decide to plant a tree, you know your bird's opinion and mine too.

Plus, the sparrows I think have become extinct. Let me know if you spot one.. I am keeping count. There are 3000 tigers left, I don't know if sparrows are ahead of them or behind.


Sana, a left hander, has a habit of getting stuck over unnecessary details. said...

PS:I dont intend to imply that the gulmohars are killing the sparrows. They are both unrelated subjects..just that they seem to be stored on the same lobe of my brain.

MaNi said...

a BIRD's viewpoint:
birds dont like gulmohar, maybe bcos its not green. Think over it... Vultures (when they were not extinct) used to sit on brown dried trees.. apart from them, all birds like green trees..

Anyways, painting ur blog green might attract few BIRDs :P , but I kinda think the previous "winter" look of ur blog was better than this "spring" look.

MaNi said...
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Sana, a left hander, has a habit of getting stuck over unnecessary details. said...

@mani.. that doesnt make sense. Gulmohar is not entirely a non green tree. Just that it has more red flowers than green leaves. Plus,this post is not a figment of my imagination. I have read about this fact somewhere, an hence wanted to spread awareness about it on World environment day.

Johns said...

Am I too late to say it?? Your blog really sucks! though i love reading it :D