Friday, June 4, 2010

When Erection is a problem

I know what you are thinking. But I am not talking about that which you think I am.
I am talking about steel structures instead.

Its a cheap publicity gimmick to get readers to start reading this piece which deals with a complex engineering construction related subject. But I guess all is fair in blog publicity and war.

Steel structures, for the uninitiated, are basically heavy multi-story high-rise buildings made entirely out of steel. Such structures are composed of complex nutting and bolting together of heavy steel beams, columns, and bracings to form the main skeleton and then wrapped in steel cladding. This building is then furnished to cover up the steel and enhance the structure aesthetically. It basically leads to doing away with the entire conventional RCC framework. Now although this technology is being widely used globally for fast track heavy construction, India is yet to completely adapt to it.

This is when you should be asking why?

Experts believe that one of the key challenges for this industry in India is a lack of “erection” capability. Here you go. I have busted the mystery. I am talking about erection of steel fabricated structures. India doesn’t have enough contractors who possess the expertise to erect this type of structures.

But that is not the point I am trying to make. The key message that I am manoeuvring my way into is how important context is while you ascribe a meaning to anything. One word can swing into two entirely different contexts and have completely different meanings. And worse is that you can’t always react to it the same way, just because you reacted in a particular way in one particular context.

Hence, next time, don’t laugh at a double meaning joke. Roll at it. Because the beauty of the joke lies in the fact that its funny both ways!! Most words (or phrases) aren’t that lucky, they are often comprehended in the wrong contexts and lead someone into rocky waters. However, double meaning jokes are like palindromes of humour...funny both ways.. you can call them “palindumour”!!

The last one was not a double meaning joke... it was poor joke :P.

Tell me that my blog now officially sucks.


Varun said...

You asked for it, so here goes --

Your blog now officially sucks! :P

Samia said...

wow...congratulations on entering the deceitful and dirty world of blog marketing. you have tough competition as in there are ppl whose sole hobby is writing blogs and marketing them!!

and yes double en tenders are interesting

taby said...

indians have a problem in "erection"...??! now thats kinda sad and ironic..i mean whichever way u look at it, we are the land of the kamasutra and the land of the qutub minar ( which at its time was one of the tallest structures built),so i wonder wat happend...;)