Saturday, July 3, 2010

Women are watching you!

Irrespective of what gender you are, most of you must have heard/seen guys checking out and discussing girls. My female readers would have even participated in these “male” conversations, putting forward their own expert views on the dressing, hair, attitude etc of the subject.

Guys have an “eye for detail” when it comes to checking out girls. They would notice things as little as the flower prints on a girls’ socks or how her lips look pink when she is nervous, because she has been biting them. But all that is normal. Guys are like that.

Now here is a revelation.. even girls are very very detailed when it comes to checking out guys. Yes. Every girl, no matter how sweet, simple, innocent.. takes time of her goodness and casts her not-so-goody-two-shoes intentions on the men that unknowingly tread into her radar.

If I were to explain what things guys notice in girls, it wouldn’t be news. So I’ll introduce you to the World of “woman bird-watching” or rather women b’ea’rd watching!

She walks into his office. He is a young, dynamic 30 something, running his own small proprietary firm. He leans over to shake hands with her and she notices him. Beep beep. Catch in the radar.

She takes 20 seconds to check him out from top to desk (remaining of him was hidden behind the big ugly desk..urghhh!!). White shirt, wet hair, starry eyed, polite, wide shoulders, nice hairy strong arms, pink lips!! (and a bonus.. pretty mole just a centimetre above it!). Ofcourse she was smiling.

He reciprocated with a smile. OMG! Kaatil smile. The rest was music.

And by the way. They even nickname their targets – Dimpu (the dimpled sweetheart), PL (Mr pink lips), MG (Maha Gunda – The guy who intimidates), Pinky (The guy who looked like the cartoon character in “Pinky and the Brain” on cartoon network) and many more.

Men don’t get insecure. Just groom well. Your admirers are watching you. :)


Debarshi said...

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Anshika said... rock as always!!! Fun read...and my favourite "Katil smile and rest was all music" hahaaah, lol!!

Keep it up...looking forward to some more 'beard' watching specials ;)

AllroundGoodGuy said...

ur description of the guy was fine till u wrote abt the pretty mole above the lips. Then I couldn't think of anyone but Divs.. :D

Sana, a left hander, has a habit of getting stuck over unnecessary details. said...

that Mr allroundGOod guy is because you are a GUY!! Women also notice women.. but get over it :P

ou phrontis said...

O-M-G !!!

:) :)
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