Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This one is on fantasizing.

Stop imagining right there.

I know I am choosing a very boundless topic and by virtue of which I might have already invoked certain naughty expectations in my readers. And going by the trend these days, the creative ones would have already imagined the details I could go into - that much for the pleasure of imagining.

However, I am going to be very seedha and shareef and only talk about stuff you don’t need to censor by Bollywood standards (well.. that too before the times of Imraan Hashmi), where the limit is two chrysanthemums locking heads!

So anyway.. i’ll first bore you with the story of how I thought of this topic. I’ll be brief. See this video:


Ok you are in love. Ok you can’t get him/her. But beyond that?

I wonder if anyone actually imagines stuff like that. Or maybe, we do (and don’t tell). Afterall, the beauty of fantasy is in the freedom to fanaticize...

So go ahead.. take a moment off and smile at that thought that once crossed your mind and you never shared it with anyone :).


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