Saturday, February 13, 2010


Once upon a time in history.. I was a peppy teen and in those days.. everything was just a bit more brighter, more colourful, more dreamy... it was then that I wrote is poem on myself.. i was deep down "crushed" then with probably the biggest first crush of my life... and when I read it now.. I cant believe that I could be so corny!!.. but honestly.. its kinda innocently sweet... my non-peotic friends might not understand.. but i still like the last two lines :) Cheers to Mr Valentine for bringing it back to my mind..

I am smiling, though I dont intend to be,
I cant stop staring, even when there is nothing to see,

It feels like popping candy in my heart,
That goes crackling at his thought,
Im excited when there is thrill,
Im excited when there is not!

I declare it open, loud and bare,
No one believes me, but I dont care,

Im dying for a glimpse, I cant wait,
When it jumps in restlessness, my heart feels great,

I dont say it, so no one would know,
But look into my eyes, and its sparkling open show,

I pluck the lilly petals and count them short,
"Crushed I am".. "crushed I am not" !!

:) :) :)


Sriram Agrawal said...

loved it...

esp d last 2 lines ;)

MaNi said...

Loved it!!!
saala kaun hain woh lucky insaan??

Gaurav Garg said...

very nice!

Anshul Sachdev said...

good stuff dost!!...time u turned the clock to become as peppy and, a teen may be...