Sunday, February 14, 2010


Series #1;Vol #2

14th February 2010

Zuk is spending his V-day lunch at a food court in the city mall

Tingle: What is the difference between “crush” and “love”?

Zuk: Well.. the difference is of taste...and of chronology..

Tingle: Taste ? What is spicey? And whats the deal with order?

Zuk: If you crush before you love then its sweet .. but if you love before you crush.. its Eww!!

Tingle: Intense stuff! .hmm.. that was about love and the likes.. now tell me..what about friendship?

Zuk: I don’t believe in friendship..its not real…

Tingle: What..why??

Zuk: Its Tropicana !!! :P :P


MaNi said...

Grrrrr.. Second time I have been subjected to this...

Tarang Shroff said...

Zuk is moving places and quickly, crush, taste and chronology and then tropicana revisited :P

Anshul Sachdev said...

hey bhagwan!!!

AJ said...

then what is real?