Monday, February 15, 2010

Zukisms !!!

The Haircut

Series #1, Volume # 3

Zuk has just had a new haircut at a stylish uber-cool saloon with an extremely shaven look.

Zak: I see.. something is new.. Did you get a haircut?

Zuk: No.. its autumn and I am shedding!!

Zak: Haha.. but seriously.. what made you go for this next to nothing look?

Zuk: Fashion mags are saying the lesser the better.. skimpy is in.. so here I am.. skimpy from head to toe...node to node..

Zak: But you are fully clothed! Whats node?

Zuk: Head is bare and I have a hole in my socks.. start node to end node .. :P

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MaNi said...

There shud be a "grrrr" button here on blogspot...