Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blogathon Day 14: Small town quirks

Choti ungli pe nachai gee tujhe.. yeh hai small town girl!

Other than that, there are many more quirks of living or growing up in a small town. Some of those were brought back while discussing milk supply chain at work today. Maybe you also remember those.

# The time when your milkman used to bring the cow to your house, milk the cow in front of you and then your mother would haggle with him that the bucket in which he was collecting milk already had water in it.

# The days when your older brother /cousin would prepare for a mega kite flying competition and you would feel honored to be his trusted assistant, holding the roll of manjha between your elbows running behind him all day.

# Your neighbour with the highest building in the locality, whose terrace everyone would collect for the annual Eid moon sighting

# The uniform clad postman who visited your house every few days on a bicycle and brought inland letters from relatives far and few

# The discreet cyber cafe visits

# The only single after-school hangout that served pizza and burgers, where all your friends ended up giving their birthday treats

# Your scooty, that had a name

# The rickshaw, that wasn't auto

# Your parents always knowing everyone, through some distant relation or other

Well, those are just a few. Im sure there are many more. Do you remember any?


Archana said...

Oi this is awesome!! Though I have no idea about the milking the cow in front of you thing - the rest - postmand in uniform, the rickshaw and the one-after-school place- bang on!

me said...

How about, being part of every other wedding, housewarming, baby shower, naming and almost every other function?