Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blogathon Day 8 : My musings

I’ll be honest here. I am sort of running out of ideas on how to make daily vanilla prompts into funny posts. Its kinda exhausting. I am afraid that if I keep depleting my humour resources at this rate, I might be running out of fuel soon. So for today, I choose to digress from the prompt and name this post after the most generic, commonly used, rarely interesting, most boring subject line ever. Ever ever. “My musings”

I have no clue of what I am going to write about and my thoughts at this point are as scattered as the popcorn from the paper popocorn bag that burst inside the microwave. I faintly remember naming one of my posts musings years ago. I was lame then. I had no content to write about.

I am still lame, and back to being content-less. I could just make a chalu post and get away with it. No one would know. Who reads my posts anyways? But I am a content driven writer and I endeavor to provide my readers with nothing less than 100% good quality material.

Or wait, did I just make one?


Bingo said...

:-) Yes, you already made one!

Bingo said...

Can you please change the comment settings? It allows only google account holders.

Archana said...

Intelligent... not!