Monday, January 6, 2014

Blogathon Day 6: The Books I read, or not

Although I like to showoff as a very well read person by wearing thick rimmed glasses and making walls with piles of books around me, the truth is, I  got these glasses with late night movie watching on laptop secretly. I buy so many books just to balance out the total net weight I claim from this planet. And, I love the smell of new pages, filed inside freshly bound books.

Plus, my choice in literature is slightly questionable in respectable circles. I also secretly read Chetan Bhagat and coerce my husband to download pirated versions of Fifty shades of Grey for me.

The last five books I read were - Ford focus product manual, Kenwood food processor manual, Timeout Dubai, Who moved my cheese and Desperate in Dubai. No I did not. I didn't read the fourth one. But how does it matter. I could finish reading it by the time you finish reading this post.

The point is, there is so much information around us these days, floating around in so many forms, that it is difficult to absorb all of it, leave aside pick up a static source of information like a book. I mean it is far more interactive to read a Wiki page where you can click on references and read more and go to further on related topics, add your own two points and what not.

It took me a month to finish the Life of Pi and then I saw it in 3D - in 180 minutes. What has a better return?

Reading fiction is a luxury. There is just so much new information every minute to catch up on. So little time to “stand and stare”. No matter how much I would love to sit with a book and not care a thing about the World, the sheer pressure of keeping up with the World (and the Kardashians!), would draw me out. I need to know about everything from Mangalyaan to Mandela to Mumbai metro, to Memento to Money market. I need information and I need it fast. Half of my news updates come from Whatsapp, twitter, facebook and Groupon.  I am constantly on the move, I am restless, I am in a hurry.

And then there is Candy Crush. Read between the lines, will you?


Archana said...

Hilarious!!!!! Desperate in Dubai? Sounds similar to "things to do in Mumbai" which I google every alternate day.

For me, a book is never static. A movie, on the other hand, is. A book gives one room to think, imagine and extrapolate. A movie, on the other hand, spoon-feeds it all visually.

Take GoT for example - The books are way ahead of the tv series in terms of visualisation, detailing and plot twists.

samia ansari said...

hehe..true that there is so much to catch up on and so little time! but books not only open the world to you but bring it to your own pace!