Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blogathon Day 5: From Bucket list to List of Buckets

Its good to have a bucket list. Since it gives you an option to choose your next milestone. Whenever you feel goalless in life, just dig into your bucket and pull out an unfulfilled desire.

I would like to talk about my bucket list. But thats a serious matter and you might sleep by the time you reach item five on my list. So I will write about buckets instead.

Buckets, like people, come in different shapes, sizes, colours and popularity levels:

20 litre plastic buckets are like engineering graduates in India - available everywhere in large numbers and can be used for any kind of work. They might be produced in a high quality ISO something environment in Kharagpur or could be imported from from a cheap factory in China or maybe, Kota.

Then you have the large drum like ones with 100L - 1,000L capacity. These buckets are like introverts. They don’t fit anywhere, take in a lot, and you can almost never reach their bottom.

Another kind of bucket is the small 1 to 2 litre, steel bucket. Although, everyone seems to have one of these, no one seems to have bought them or need them anymore. These buckets make a lot of noise in the kitchen, often have craked heads (or rims) and need regular polishing to keep them glowing. We can say the same for certain women.

Don’t forget the small bronze bucket at restaurants such as Urban tadka, in which they often serve daal makhni. Well, these are pretty much the same as high maintenance girlfriends. Difficult to handle, glossy and expensive.

Finally there is the slightly squarish pocha bucket. These are the most talented of the lot, with innovative bends, ability to take crap, work in a team with the mop, help clean everyone’s mess and still be bright. You often see them at a desk next to yours.

What kind of a bucket are you?

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