Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blogathon Day 7: Music on my mind

Music for me is a railway track that carries my thoughts into deep green forests. It is also the thing that puts me on second spot in my husband's list of things he loves most. Huh. No wonder I hardly board that train.

But when I do, I get stuck too much on either the lyrics or the video, I hardly hear the song!

Although I truly truly love this below song for its sheer "don't know what they are doing" quality. No matter whether I choose to hear the lyrics, watch the dance moves or listen to the whole mix, its a delight!

Plus I love the guy who mix-ade (mix and made!!)  this. Yes, Jogiswing (Youtube and soundcloud). That crazy guy.

Don't miss the pelvic thrusts and silver mops they are wearing. Oh and the headbands.

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