Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blogathon Day 15: Modi flies with Salman

One, I am writing this post first thing int he morning from work. My bosses don't know that, but the sheer pressure of daily updates keeps me distracted all day. So I am getting it out of the way first thing.

Two, the subject of the post is more positive than I am. To drive Modi crazy traffic you know.

So, I have always praised the marketing skills of Modi Ji. The guy knows how to drive the masses, or to say, majority vote bank. He has a super dedicated team of online fans that promote everything he says or does. Then he has a Twitter account to wish people on different festivals - some of those festivals you wouldn't even have heard of.

Yesterday, he bragged about his meeting with Salman Khan and his participation in Uttarayan. I'm sure you all heard about it. Now, me thinks, there is a bone for both in this. Otherwise, this unnatural meeting can't just be shooting accident.

Modi's agenda is clear. He is going all the way with clearly polarized majority votebank as well as large corporate's support.  But for some strange reason he is trying to create this camouflage of peaceful co-existence with the minorities.  This may have something to do with his vision of becoming a historical figure. He just doesn't want to be PM. Even Machiavelli could do that. But he wants to go down  history books. He wants to be popular, and probably that is why he is posting pictures of himself reading ET with Obama's book by his side.  And taking Salman Khan out for Undhiyu lunch. What kite is he flying? Or will this kite fly?

On the other hand, beloved Salman, your fans are bedazzled. Has it got something to do with securing your position in the event of the imminent Modi-raj? With all the legal hassels you have been involved in, it might just help to be on the good side of the devil. We understand. But hope you know that your heartless participation and kite flying is going to buy him same number of votes as AAP's Kumar Vishwas' praises of Modi during his past Kavi sammelans. In the meanwhile, hope you enjoyed pulling a few strings in Gujarat.


Johns said...

Sana, you didn't hear / read the news fully. Salman also said his vote is for Priya Dutt and the congress MLA from Bandra (forgot his name)! I think most of the news channels didn't show that part. So he went to Gujarat just to get the money from 'promotion of tourism'

ou phrontis said...

Glad you are writing so enthusiastically again! :) much love and encouragement :*