Saturday, January 4, 2014

Blogathon Day 4: Five biggest achievements of an Aam Aadmi

Given the recent turn of events in the Indian politics, Aam Aadmi has actually become quite a celebrity. Given that special status, and my inclination to talk about stories of my rendezvous with celebrities on this blog (such as my actual meeting with Imraan Khan and hypothetical marriage with Salman Khan), I will write about the aam admi today. But not in the celebrity sort of way, more in the cattle class sort of way. And since the prompt for today is about achievements, what better opportunity than this to talk about the achievements of the common man in India!

So, here is my list of 5 biggest achievements of a common man in India. Ofcourse excluding winning Delhi elections and other such antics certain special Aam Aadmis are pulling.

#5 Using a public toilet

That is, if you ever spot one, since these are as rare as 24 hour electricity in Indian towns. But rest assured that if there were to be a public toilet within 5 miles of where you are, you would know. Please don't make me explain how. You know what, I don't even want to talk about it. I know you agree its an achievement, being able to pee there.

#4 Getting college admission

You all must have had nightmares either getting yourself or your kids into colleges in India. If you have enough money, it might work. But for the aam aadmi, there are such atrocious demands as getting 100 percentile and what not.

 #3 Getting a passport

It takes 6 months to 1 year for a common man to get a passport in India. This time also includes numerous hardships and substantial money. And then it arrives with a mistake. Mine says my gender is male. I once had a very embarrassing moment with a bank employee when trying to open an account with that passport. Read my getting a passport saga here.

#2 Boarding a Mumbai local

Although I havn't done this myself long enough, my respects to those who do everyday. Mumbai locals are believed to carry more than 7 million people everyday. That is more than the official population of entire UAE. These train commuters have evolved their own code of conduct, sign language and body language to survive in these trains. Many of my posts have been inspired by these. I am sure more will be.

#1 Booking IRCTC ticket

Oh ho ho. This is the big one. People update FB statuses and throw parties if they successfully manage to book a ticket online on IRCTC. Wedding dates are decided on the basis of the dates people manage to get tickets for.

Hmm. If a certain Aam Aadmi, could bring change around in the country, I wish he could change these.

That is my wish list. My biggest achievements. And my biggest nightmares.

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