Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blogathon Day 2: My serious introspection

I like to introspect. Mostly in the shower. And today I was introspecting a lot. Not about the year gone by. But about how cows manage to itch right right where it is itching.

I mean seriously, have you ever noticed a fly sitting on a cow. If a fly comes and sits on my right arm, I’ll lift my whole arm, or I’ll try to shoo away the fly with my left arm, or I will shake myself completely to move the fly. But a cow, wouldn’t bother as much. Same with a lazy person.

Imagine Ms cow eating her hay with gay (not the illegal one), when a fly comes and sits on its sirloin. The cow doesn’t care. Sirloin shakes itself, while Ms cow continues to eat. The darn fly then moves to sirloin’s neighbour, the tenderloin, which then makes a small frown. The fly jumps two blocks away to the shankle, the shankle shakes, it then climbs to the forehead, and the fore (head) skin only moves. The fly is now challenged. It hops and hops and hits the eye of the storm, literally. The cow blinks. 

I mean c’mon, what would it take you to nod your head? A Fanta perhaps ?

For those of you, who don’t enjoy steaks, here is a diagram:

And just FYI, Rib eye is not the eye of the cow. It is the rib instead.


cloGGed sink said...

hahahahhah!! hilarious!

Archana said...

Hilarious!! Loved the diagram - you did it yourself?!

Ms K said...

@archana.. no no.. its a ready diagram. I just thought about it in the shower.